Missing Persons Private Investigators in Connecticut

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When a loved one goes missing, it’s an overwhelming and distressing experience that requires urgent action. At Blackledge Investigations, we recognize the gravity of these situations and are committed to providing compassionate and effective assistance.

Our team of missing persons private investigators in CT utilizes advanced techniques and resources to locate individuals swiftly and discreetly. With empathy and expertise, we work tirelessly to reunite loved ones and bring closure to those in need across the country.

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Our missing persons investigators leave no avenue unexplored

Our missing persons detectives are tasked with the delicate and crucial mission of locating individuals who have disappeared under various circumstances. Law firms enlist our services due to the complexity and sensitivity of these cases, recognizing the need for specialized expertise in navigating the intricacies of these types of investigations. Our missing person investigations include:

  • Thorough inquiries to uncover leads and gather evidence
  • Discreet surveillance methods to monitor locations and individuals relevant to the investigation
  • Collaboration with law enforcement agencies and other authorities to facilitate the search process
  • Compassionate support to families throughout the investigation, providing updates and guidance during the search

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We've built our reputation on versatility and reliability. Whether you're facing a personal challenge and need a missing persons detective or another legal matter in Connecticut, our team stands ready to provide the expertise and support you need.
Criminal history

Criminal defense

Our investigators gather evidence and uncover crucial details to support defense strategies.
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Our experienced specialists operate and capture crucial evidence and insights to support your case.
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Background checks

We analyze records and sources to provide thorough insights into individuals' backgrounds and credentials.
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Additional Services


Conflicts of interest

Our team identifies and mitigates potential conflicts of interest.
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Witness identification, location & interview

We strengthen clients' cases by conducting thorough interviews to gather valuable testimony and evidence.
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Resume fraud

Process serving

Our efficient process servers ensure timely and accurate delivery of legal documents.
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Conflicts of interest

Lawsuit history

We delve into records and archives, uncovering past litigation history.
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We're dedicated to unraveling the truth

Count on our missing person investigations for the facts

With a network of skilled missing persons private investigators and resources in Manchester, New Britain, Fairfield, Stamford, New Haven, Waterbury, Greenwich, Bridgeport, Hamden, Norwalk, Hartford, Danbury, West Hartford, Bristol, Meriden, and across CT and the country, we have the capability to take on cases wherever they may arise.

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Our missing person investigators in CT will find a solution

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Our detectives for missing persons approach each case with empathy and understanding, recognizing the emotional toll that disappearance can have on loved ones.


With unwavering determination, our team tirelessly pursues leads and explores every avenue to locate missing individuals, refusing to give up until they find answers.
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We conduct every missing persons investigation with advanced techniques and a vast network of resources, employing creative strategies and research to trace individuals.
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Our missing person private investigators will tirelessly search for the facts

When a loved one goes missing, emotions run high, and families are left with unanswered questions and a deep sense of distress. Our team understands the delicate nature of these situations and approaches each case with compassion, empathy, and urgency. Law firms trust us to conduct thorough missing person investigations in CT and across the country, knowing that we will pursue every lead in our quest to find answers and bring closure to families.

Hear it from those we’ve helped

They did a really thorough job, and provided regular updates and really detailed reports. Exactly what I needed. Couldn’t ask for better investigators!

Nathaniel Rice

I was a little afraid going in, but their detectives were really professional and understanding. They took my case seriously and found the evidence I needed quickly. I highly recommend their services.

Joel Bruce

Blackledge helped me when I was at the lowest point of my life. They exercised utmost discretion when I was needed it the most. That final report gave me clarity and strength I needed to finally do something about the situation. I can't thank them enough.

Katie Hensley

I hired Blackledge Detectives to look into some regulatory compliance issues and they did a great job. I appreciate their transparency and that they regular updates throughout the process. In the end, everything turned out for the best, so I will definitely recommend their services to my colleagues.

Haley Morrow

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a missing persons private investigator?

A missing persons investigator in CT specializes in locating individuals who are missing or have disappeared under various circumstances. Our role involves conducting thorough investigations, gathering information, and utilizing various resources to trace the whereabouts of missing individuals. We work closely with clients and law firms to uncover leads and provide closure to families.

What types of cases do missing persons investigators handle?

Our private investigators for missing persons handle a wide range of cases, including runaway teenagers, abducted children, missing adults, and individuals who have voluntarily disappeared. They also assist in locating estranged family members, birth parents, and long-lost relatives. Each case is unique, requiring a tailored approach to investigation and search strategies.

What are the different types of missing persons cases?

These cases are complex and multifaceted, encompassing a range of scenarios that require specialized approaches. A missing persons private investigator plays a crucial role in addressing these cases, utilizing their expertise and resources to navigate the unique challenges presented by each situation. Some of the cases include:

  • Runaway teenagers
  • Persons with mental health issues
  • Victims of human trafficking
  • Individuals missing in natural disasters
  • Voluntary disappearances
  • Child abduction

How do missing persons detectives conduct their investigations?

A detective for missing persons in Connecticut employs a variety of investigative techniques and resources to conduct their inquiries. This may include interviewing witnesses, analyzing surveillance footage, conducting background checks, and utilizing databases and public records searches.

Who are the go-to missing persons private investigators near me in Connecticut & beyond?

As a dedicated team of private investigators,  Blackledge Investigations is committed to bringing hope and resolution to families impacted by the disappearance of their loved ones. With a compassionate approach and unwavering determination, we specialize in navigating the complexities of these cases, employing a diverse range of techniques to uncover vital information.

From Manchester, Waterbury, West Hartford, Stamford, Hartford, Bridgeport, and Norwalk to Danbury, Hamden, New Haven, New Britain, Meriden, Bristol, Greenwich, Fairfield, and across CT and the US, our team is here to assist you.

Whether it’s looking into an individual’s personal history, need to ensure financial transparency by uncovering hidden assets, or conducting surveillance with discretion, you’ve got the right team for the job.

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With years of experience and a proven track record of success, you can trust our missing person investigators to handle your case. Reach out today!