Diligent Legal History Investigators in Connecticut

Revealing lawsuit histories with precision & insight

Here at Blackledge Investigations, we’re the experts in uncovering the past and then making it work for you. Our bespoke legal background checks in Connecticut are here for all individuals and entities throughout the nation who demand to see a clearer picture.

Every search with us is custom-fitted to your specific scenario, discreet, and exceptionally thorough. Whether it’s unearthing legal histories, conducting felony background checks, or piecing together evidence for a background check lawsuit, we’ve got you covered. Our diligent team is here for you to find the truth and chart a safer path forward.

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We go beyond the surface to search for the truth

Our meticulous approach to lawsuit history investigations in Connecticut

We’re all about detail and efficiency when diving into felony and legal background checks. Here’s how we fine-tune our approach for you:

  • Our method cuts straight to the chase, allowing us to quickly find all needed records to build legal history.
  • We rely on our comprehensive toolkit to catch every crucial detail, even those others might overlook.
  • From background checks to lawsuits that may arise from them, we equip you with the evidence to shield your interests.
  • Precise and Actionable Findings: Our results are sharp, ready-to-use, and always ethically and legally sound.

We offer more than just legal background checks

We’re your trusted partners for all types of cases

Our team is passionately committed to revealing the truth, and their expertise allows them to handle a variety of scenarios to find it. We offer comprehensive support from conducting personal background checks to navigating larger lawsuits throughout Connecticut.
Criminal history

Criminal defense

We skillfully pull together evidence and key insights to back your defense in court.
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Adapting our strategy to fit the mission, we'll be your eyes and ears on the ground.
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Background checks

We discreetly perform criminal background checks to give you the whole story.
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Additional Services

Controversial media

Controversial media

Getting to the heart of any digital dispute, we clear up controversial media for you.
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Missing persons

We uncover, analyze, and connect clues to make sure we find the location of a missing person.
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Process serving

We locate individuals and serve them with legal papers so proceedings can start.
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Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest

Spotting conflicts of interest is our superpower, keeping you always two steps ahead.
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Expertly handling legal background checks across states and statutes

Our legal history investigations have a wide reach

Digging into lawsuit histories with precision, we cover Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, West Hartford, Greenwich, Fairfield, Hamden, Bristol, Meriden, Manchester, and other locations in Connecticut and nationwide with our services. Our approach is all-encompassing, and we handle many different case types to ensure you get the detailed insights you need. But our work goes beyond just uncovering facts. Our legal history investigators ethically gather and assemble information, crafting it into a credible resource that seamlessly empowers your next moves.

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Crafting confidence from confusion with every case we comb through

Fair legal background checks for your peace of mind

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Clear & fair

We dive into lawsuit histories with a strict code of ethics and legality. We want to provide clarity while making sure every find is fair.


Our legal history detectives rely on vast legal expertise to prepare evidence in a way that’s precise, fair, and courtroom-ready.
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Safe & efficient

Behind the scenes, our work is efficient and discreet. You can trust us to put your privacy first and ensure you’re always a step ahead.
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Meet our experts

Get to know the best legal history investigators near you

At the heart of what we do, you’ll find a team of dedicated experts with a knack for uncovering the truth and a deep sense of what’s right. Our legal history detectives in Connecticut do more than just cover the basics. They are meticulous and always aim to arm you with knowledge that’s both actionable and ethically sound. Whether you’re just curious or facing legal challenges, remember, we’re in your corner and ready to help you face what’s ahead with confidence.

Results that speak for themselves

They did a really thorough job, and provided regular updates and really detailed reports. Exactly what I needed. Couldn’t ask for better investigators!

Nathaniel Rice

I was a little afraid going in, but their detectives were really professional and understanding. They took my case seriously and found the evidence I needed quickly. I highly recommend their services.

Joel Bruce

Blackledge helped me when I was at the lowest point of my life. They exercised utmost discretion when I was needed it the most. That final report gave me clarity and strength I needed to finally do something about the situation. I can't thank them enough.

Katie Hensley

I hired Blackledge Detectives to look into some regulatory compliance issues and they did a great job. I appreciate their transparency and that they regular updates throughout the process. In the end, everything turned out for the best, so I will definitely recommend their services to my colleagues.

Haley Morrow

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you research legal history?

When researching legal histories, investigators in Connecticut use a mix of advanced tools and their own know-how to uncover the information tied to a person or entity. They comb through records and databases – a detailed task that requires a sharp eye and a lot of patience. Aside from finding these details, they methodically piece them together for a full picture.

What does legal history include?

Legal history is a comprehensive look at someone’s past interactions with the law, covering everything from small slip-ups to big-time legal battles and everything in between. In every case, piecing together a person’s or business’s legal footprint is the goal. And people them for many reasons – hiring, doing a bit of due diligence, or gearing up for legal matters. It’s all about making your decisions with all the facts in hand.

How far back do most background checks go?

How far back we can peek into someone’s legal history with a background check really depends on what you’re looking for and why. When it comes to using the information you uncovered in court or for hiring, it’s usually a 7-year rewind, but the specifics and rules vary by state. When it comes to searches for personal use or simply getting the whole story, the right legal history investigator in Connecticut may uncover details from even further back.

What is the legal definition of a background check?

A legal background check is a process used to verify someone’s history and credentials. It involves collecting facts from various records to check out someone’s past, including criminal records, employment history, and education verification. It’s a common step to ensure that the people you’re dealing with are who they say they are and can do what they claim they can do. The depth of these searches can vary, but they all aim to paint a clear picture of someone’s past qualifications or behavior.

What is the most reputable firm for legal history investigations near me in Connecticut & across the US?

At Blackledge Investigations, uncovering and understanding legal histories throughout Connecticut is our specialty. Serving New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, West Hartford, Greenwich, Fairfield, Hamden, Bristol, Meriden, and Manchester, and other locations statewide and nationwide, we stand ready to offer lawsuit history investigations for your peace of mind.

Need insights into a lawsuit history or a detailed legal background check? Reach out to us. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s untangling potential conflicts of interest, meticulously reviewing indications of financial stress, or conducting an in-depth investigation into resume fraud, we’re fully equipped to handle your needs. Let’s ensure you have all the information you need for informed decision-making with our thorough and discreet services!

Easily uncover legal histories with our help

Reach out to our dedicated lawsuit history investigators in Connecticut to gain much-needed clarity and confidence for your next decisions.